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What could have possibly driven Vincent Gallo? What could have possibly driven a man who created the film that Roger Ebert called "the worst film" he'd ever seen at Cannes Film Festival? What could have driven Gallo, who writes, directs, scores and stars in "The Brown Bunny" to swallow his pride and take this film back into the studio to reshape and edit and re-arrange pieces of this film AND to break his loud statement that he would "never make another film?

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In an essay in the magazine Another Manfilmmaker and actor Vincent Gallo spoke about his controversial movie The Brown Bunny and accused the late film critic Roger Ebert of disrupting its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival that year. The film, about a motorcycle racer Gallo embarking on a cross-country expedition while haunted by memories of his ex-girlfriend Chloe Sevignycaused outrage over an explicit scene between the lead actors. The segment went on to become one of the most controversial sex scenes in film history.

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The former downtown it girl and Sassy magazine intern rose to wider fame thanks to 's Kidspicked up an Oscar nomination in for Boys Don't Crygained status as a queen of indie cinema, and then took a part in 's Brown Bunny. The film required her to perform "unsimulated" fellatio on director, costar, and former boyfriend Vincent Gallo and the world absolutely lost it. Before the film's premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, there were false reports that her then-representatives at William Morris Agency dropped her.

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Infamously, famed film critic Roger Ebert called the original version, which played at the Cannes Film Festival, "the worst film in the history of Cannes. The film stars Gallo and Chloe Sevigny, and features an unsimulated sex scene that drew outcry and was released unrated. After verifying no one present at the press roundtable interview session with reporters was advertising themselves as working for one paper or media outlet while secretly working for another, Gallo got down to the business of discussing his latest film in a conversation that—at times—got heated.

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Those quotes are from the press kit, in which both Gallo and Sevigny profess surprise that the inclusion of a hardcore sex scene in an otherwise understated indie film would draw a certain prurient interest from the press corps. To make The Brown BunnyGallo loaded his vintage production package into a black van and started driving cross-country from New Hampshire to Los Angeles, picking up scripted scenes along the way with a couple of 16mm cameras. He claims never to have had more than three people traveling with him, presumably including the two camera operators and gaffer cited in the credits, and shot some scenes including the notorious motel-room tete a tete with no crew at all.

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Well, they're both in the running for this year's Palme d'Or, announced later today. And they both star Chloe Sevigny. Ever since her debut eight years ago as the AIDS-infected waif in Larry Clarke's Kids, she's been the epitome of geek chic cool, a thrift-shop sweetie directors have been clambering over to adopt as their muse.

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The Brown Bunny is a experimental road drama film written, directed, produced, photographed and edited by Vincent Gallo. It was photographed with handheld 16 mm cameras in various locations throughout the United States, including New HampshireMassachusettsOhioMissouriUtahNevadaand California. Following its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festivalthe film garnered a great deal of media attention because of the explicit final scene between Gallo and Sevigny, as well as a feud between Gallo and the film critic Roger Ebertwho stated that The Brown Bunny was the worst film in the history of Cannes, [4] although he later gave a re-edited version his signature " thumbs up ".

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Sex can mean love, lust, obsession or even violence and domination. Though the film has received much press for an all-too-real oral sex scene that blurs the line between pornography and mainstream media, it also presents a poignant yet harrowing love story. Although he leaves behind mountains, sleazy motels and three shallow and disingenuous attempts at love, he holds on to the memory of the last time he saw Daisy Chloe Sevignywho seems to be the one true love of his life. The majority of the film is composed of images of Bud alone, defenseless and unprotected in front of the camera.

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Chloe Sevigny is the subject of Playboy's January 20Q featureand in the interview she talks about the final season of 'Big Love,' her infamous oral sex scene in 'Brown Bunny' and her frustrations dating in New York. Playboy's press release follows; scroll down for a sexy photo and read the whole thing here. On her regrets about bad-mouthing Big Love to a reporter: "I got into a lot of trouble.

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The Brown Bunny is a independent American art house film written, produced and directed by actor Vincent Gallo. The plot follows Bud Clay, a motorcycle racer, undertakes a cross-country drive, following a race in New Hampshire, in order to participate in a race in California. All the while he is haunted by memories of his former lover, Daisy. On his journey he meets other women, but is unable to form an emotional connection with any of them.


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