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Ingrown hairs have all the makings of a pimple painful, hideous with the added bonus of a nagging hair buried underneath your skin. Which is why, like a pimple, it's tough to ignore an ingrown hair that's prime for the picking. Um, could she be the Dr.

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Had enough experimenting with sticky wax strips? Check out our video on how to use the bikini styler to keep your bikini line looking immaculate. The skin around the bikini area is particularly delicate and sensitive and will need some preparation before you begin epilating.

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When waxing your bikini line with strips, there are a few things to know. This will make it easier for the wax to uproot your hair. Next, you should avoid doing it around the time you get your period every month.

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Bikini season is well and truly upon us: cue the perennial debate surrounding pubic hair removal. However, with 60 per cent of women experiencing at least one health complication as a direct result of pubic hair removal, experts warn that there can be adverse consequences to the practice, with shaving singled out as the worst offender. Speaking to The IndependentDr Vanessa Mackay, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, explained that pubic hair in the vaginal area can be fundamental to maintaining good feminine hygiene. Removing pubic hair - via shaving or waxing - can irritate and inflame the hair follicles left behind, she adds, which can leave microscopic open wounds.

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People may have heard about Brazilian wax but never really knew about it. Some women like to have regular sessions while others may feel uncomfortable at the thought of it. Despite the possible sting and the awkward feeling of having someone else see and touch your private parts, many women would opt to have their pubic hair removed by Brazilian wax.

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IF there's one thing more satisfying than watching spots get popped, it's ingrown hairs being removed. The pop, pull and ping of a hair finally being released from its skin prison is a unique thing of beauty. But you might wonder how good your waxer really was if you were left with a bikini line packed out with 20 pus-filled ingrown hair pimples.

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But, inevitably, that makes the imagery inherently controversial because there are still many minds to change about the normalness, naturalness, and acceptability of body hair and the freedom of each individual to do with it as they please. And some of those minds had a lot to say about the campaign video. Yahoo reports that when the Instagram meme account beigecardigan shared the Billie clip, the comments were full of disapproving and often remarkably ignorant opinions.

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These bikini waxing videos are made for professionals who want to enhance their skills by performing Brazilians, creating designs, and expanding their client base by waxing men. Sometimes attending is a hands-on class not always possible, so these are great educational tools to watch right in the convenience of home, while furthering your career. People who are not licensed can also benefit from watching and learning from these videos.

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Just about everybody has had an ingrown hair at some point. But did you know that that little irritation could possibly kill you? On a HuffPost Live segment called "I Stopped Shaving," guests discussed their no-shave wisdoms, especially when hair removal could lead to a life or death situation. Last October, Marta Topran, the senior beauty editor for Cosmopolitan magazine, wrote about her experience after she decided to get rid of an ingrown hair herself.


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