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Despite all of the movies depicting a man having a heart attack leading up to or during sex, new research suggests that coitus actually may improve post-heart attack survival rates. The study published last month in the American Journal of Medicine involved 1, participants who had their first heart attack in or and were monitored through While, overall, researchers found that sexual intercourse decreased mortality, they also found it to be just as beneficial following a heart attack, the New York Post reports.

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If you're living with heart failure, you know that physical activity may leave you feeling fatigued or short of breath. If exercise makes you feel winded you might wonder — is it safe to have sex? Sex is typically a moderate form of exercise — it generally falls into the same activity level as climbing two or three flights of stairs.

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LONDON — A court in France has ruled that a man who died from a heart attack after having sex during a business trip had suffered a work-related accident and that his employer was liable. The man, who was identified in court documents only as Xavier, traveled in to the Loiret region in central France as a security technician for the rail engineering company TSO. After work one night, he had sex with a woman at her house before returning to his hotel.

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The bizarre decision means the company which employs the man - named only as Xavier X - will now have to pay years of compensation to his family. The dead man was working in the Loiret region on behalf of his bosses at railway construction firm TSO when he hooked up with a local woman. However, he was later found dead in his hotel room in Meung-sur-Loire shortly after the pair had romped, reports the Mail Online.

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Reuters Health - Heart attack survivors who have an active sex life are less likely than celibate counterparts to die in the decades following a first heart attack, a study in Israel suggests. Researchers followed the fates of 1, men and women, who were 65 years old or younger at the time of their first heart attack, for up to 22 years. During the study period, people died.

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At some time in his life, nearly every man gets exercised about sex. And as many men get older, they wonder if sex is a good form of exercise or if it's too strenuous for the heart. These questions may sound like locker room banter, but they are actually quite important — and they have solid scientific answers.

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We respect your privacy. Heart attack patients may fear that sexual intimacy could trigger another episode. A new study suggests, however, that sex may actually help keep the ticker ticking longer.

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Michael Joseph Blaha, M. You may be concerned about the state of your cardiovascular system and how much exertion your heart can handle. But getting back to your normal daily activities and the things that make you happy is key to maintaining your quality of life. Michael Blaha, M.

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Published: September 10, In Body of Evidence,Willem Dafoe casts aside ethical considerations and has sex with his client, Madonna, who has been accused of murdering her husband by having sex with him and causing a heart attack. A French court ruled that his employer — TSO, a French railway construction company — is on the hook for a hefty compensation package to his children.

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Many people have anxiety or fears about having sex after a heart attack or heart surgery. They are scared that sex will be too much for their heart. Keep in mind that sexual activity full intercourse only uses the same amount of energy as climbing two flights of stairs 15 steps. Talk to your cardiologist about when you can safely have sex again.


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