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Stuart Appleby - capture images from a swing video [5]. Normally, the clubshaft is at angle to the ground at address - the clubshaft lies on an inclined plane, and for most golfers that inclined plane is either the hand plane or the elbow plane. Many beginner golfers attempt to steer the clubhead in a straight line direction towards the target when the clubhead approaches the ball in the downswing by using hand manipulations of the club in the impact zone. After the clubhead has moved back about a few inches while moving upwards and inwards the golfer needs to allow the shoulders to turn back in synchrony with the moving right upper limb. In other words, the right wrist must be neither upcocked or uncocked at address. Each individual golfer needs to practice this maneuver with a dowel stick to get a "feeling" of how fast to rotate the shoulders while performing the right clap hand action - by monitoring the on-plane movements of the clubshaft.
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If your forearm is longer than your upper arm...

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The Key Move

I divided the golf instructional material into separate chapters eg. Note how the right upper arm naturally moves away from the torso during the action, and note how the right forearm fans out. However, the right arm cannot be totally passive during this CF-induced release phenomenon. After impact, the clubface will naturally continue to roll over and it will undergo another 90 degrees of rotation by the time the clubshaft reaches the fourth parallel position. The only important relationship is the nearly 90 degree relationship between the left arm flying wedge and the right forearm flying wedge the actual angle depending on the degree of right wrist bend. Fully released, chest and belt buckle facing left of the target, the club supported behind the back of the neck. If a golfer stands square to the ball-target line parallel to the ball-target line then he is going to be swinging the club with his arms in a sideways action across the front of his body, while his body rotates in space.
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Keys to Hitting the Ball Longer - Arm Swing - Derek Hooper GolfDerek Hooper Golf

Only two of those elements move That means you're turning the face over, which is a good thing. The actual angle of the right forearm relative to the left arm flying wedge depends on the degree of right wrist bend at the end-backswing position - and it can only be close to 90 degrees if the right wrist bends at a 90 degree angle. Thinking about it is just gonna mess you up when trying to integrate a new paradigm into your golf game. I like about 10 degrees, but more or less may work for you. Decelerate the club at the top of your backswing using your natural momentum. Hogan produced the following diagram to illustrate his point.
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Note that when the clubshaft is on-plane, that the end of the club nearest the ground clubhead end of the club points at the ball-target line red arrowed line. The angle is determined by the golf club manufacturers when they manufacture the golf club - they set the clubhead at an angle to the clubshaft. He uses the "Smartstick", which has a laserlight at both ends of the Smartstick which is equivalent to a golf clubshaft. To understand this point, consider this photo sequence of Stuart Appleby's takeaway - from the following swing video http: Thus during the backswing it is important to keep the lead arm softly extended as the body coils into the back swing. Even AJ Bonar concedes that perfect timing is required, and in his article he concedes that imperfect timing can cause a hooked shot if the clubface closes too much by impact. The left arm will act as a checkrein that limits how far the right hand can move back secondary to external rotation of the right humerus in the right shoulder joint.
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