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At the intersection of Beverly and Crescent Heights in Los Angeles, there's a billboard of a topless woman adjusting her stockingsher toes curled over her car's dashboard. Caption: A billboard advertises Taschen's latest show at the corner of Beverly and Crescent Heights boulevards. Photographer Elmer Batters was obsessed with women's feet.

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Things get weird in Selena Gomez 's latest "Fetish" music videoin which she literally eats soap, ties rope around her tongue, and rolls around her dirty kitchen floor. If you were confused by these visuals, don't worry. Horror movies played a big role in the video's conception.

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For more information, please visit the Breaking Glass Pictures website. Did Unearthed Films manage to dig up something worthwhile in an otherwise forgettable genre of film? When a local club owner passes away, his son inherits more than just the family business.

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Sylvestre Matuschka ranks among the most bizarre mass murderers in history. The psychiatrists who examined him in custody claimed to uncover a more basic, and baser motive: Matuschka blew up trains for erotic reasons. Most sources have him being born on January 29, in a small Hungarian village near the Yugoslavian border.

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Troy McClure is a cheesy B-movie actor who had fallen on hard times. He was often seen shilling for shoddy products or hosting questionable shows. He appeared from Season 2 until Season

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By Camilla Turner. A bizarre predilection for glasses and a desire to dictate the outfits and social lives of actresses starring in his films are among a catalogue of accusations in a new book about Hichcock's life. Women who appeared in some of the film-maker's most successful pictures have said he was "peculiar" and had a "schoolboy obsession with sex".

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Friendsicles, You are either getting this e-mail because I've promised I would tell you this story and haven't yet, you're besties with someone I used to hook up with, or because my need for attention and adulation has reached such an all time high that I decided to pick 15 of you at random to listen to this story most likely explanationbut all the same, below is the in famous but true story of how I met Quentin Tarantino Adam and Ethan, I'll be expecting your short film script of this in my inbox in the next couple of weeks Wednesday, June 1st, Get a BBM at 8 in the morning from my friend Nicki telling me we're going to a party in "the Hills" that night because the Yankees were in town. But this party now presents a conundrum as a I didn't know people partied on Wednesdays because I'm uncool and b I had just run out of clean underwear and hadn't shaved my legs in three days, so I wasn't really in a "party" sort of place.

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It became the talk of the event not just because of its content — eye-popping though it is — but due to the peculiar occurrences surrounding its screenings. Police reportedly interrupted the first showing to remove a person attempting to pirate the film via a camera hidden in a Starbucks coffee cup, while the following day Farrier was apparently served a subpoena. One viewing of Tickled explains the hullabaloo. In no time, Farrier is threatened by absurd lawsuits for inquiring into the business, leading him only to dig deeper into the fetish empire with the help of Reeve, his computer-savvy and straight collaborator, in the hope of creating a full documentary on the subject.


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