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Slowly withdrawing, Severus paused a moment before plunging back in, repeating the stroke a few times without stopping, testing his preparation. He smoothed his hands up Severus' bare chest and then rolled two pert nipples between the pads of his fingers. Reply to this Thread eriador The branches were covered in a dusting of snow that partially hid hundreds of tiny, sparkling lights; what did manage to shine through bounced off the delicate glass and crystal ornaments, to dazzling effect. The silence was broken only by the ticking of the large grandfather clock in the corner and the crackle of the fire. But to go to bed at five o'clock ā€” he would never fall asleep. Harry set the invitation down in front of him, the gilded letters seeming to mock him as they glinted in the mid-day light from the window.
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Chapter 22: The Bedtime Spanking

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In Like A Lion

When Harry greets or smiles at his father, James does not return the greeting or the smile. That'sā€¦ that's the animus pensum! A battered Victorian chair flanked the opposite wall, a small stack of leather-bound books and publications nestled into its seat. Harry padded barefoot after him. Severus seemed to sense the shift. Snape adjusts himself so he is sitting against the headboard of the bed.
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can you rec me some fics that are sub!harry

When Severus inserted a finger alongside his tongue, Harry almost climbed the wall, squirming, his moan more needy; breathless. Vulnerability and embarrassment flashed across his eyes before being replaced with cold accusation, and before Evan knew it, he was staring at Lewis' retreating back. Snape holds his son close, tears gathering in his eyes. I'm going to make this memorable so it won't happen again. He hated charmed objects that stood as a warning to obey Snape or else. Lupin sits down and accepts a cup of tea and some fruit. Every time you'd corner me in the halls, I thought for sure you would find out my secret ā€” and not just about your book, or how I felt about the Prince, but that I was gay.
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After cuddling Harry for about an hour Sirius looks at the clock. Harry started to shake. With a quick glance at his watch, he stood, grabbing his invitation and the last bite of his sandwich. The lubricant was so deliciously cool, the friction of Harry's cock inside him so soothing, and Harry's moans such exquisite babble, that Draco could almost overlook his punished arse. Severus began by licking a slow, hot trail down Harry's spine, crouching down behind him as he went, his hands firmly cupping Harry's arse. Holding up his hands, Kingsley waited for the crowd to quiet. Apparently, Dobby took Harry's glum expression to be one of contentment and Snape's stern look to be a fatherly expression of concern for his young charge.
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