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We do try to personalize care coordination and information as best we can but if we use easily understood terminology that most people will understand there is less room for error and misunderstanding for all involved. In my field, the word "Oriental" appears in the title of 17 of the 58 accredited graduate-level schools, 21 of the 33 state associations and eight of the 24 national associations. That is just me and again each person should decide for themselves. Oh, and if you don't know the answer to those, then 3. There are deeper factors of behavior and thinking or lack of it. All I have seen is ad hominem attacks based on PC nonsense. Both questions were the source of regular consternation during the 20th century, and earlier, as anthropology struggled to make sense of — and pigeonhole — the geographic variation seen in humankind around the world.
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A Politically Correct Lexicon

Genomic evidence is actually emerging of group differences in terms of genes linked to some traits across populations. None of the relevant data show cultural factors as determining in intelligence. Or, to put it another way, between humans as objects who, like any other natural beings, operate under the purview of biological and physical laws; and humans as subjects who, uniquely among natural organisms, possess consciousness and agency. Their logic is that Burt's research must have been sound, because Burt's findings closely resemble Bouchard's, and Bouchard's research is "accepted by most scholars as a model of its kind. Glad to accomodate your style suggestions. But the implications of those visible distinctions have been regarded as hard barriers between people, usually because "we" have a visceral reaction to the appearance of "them", and the more different "they" look from "us", the easier it has been to regard "them" as thoroughly unlike "us". Maybe you should start fresh with your research.
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Error (Forbidden)

The conservation quickly deteriorated into a heated argument. For example, more prominent noses humidify air better. I hope that one day most people won't see the situation as us and them based on skin color or any other differentiating factor. For further discussion of H2 by Steve Pinker, see here. A reason is a special kind of cause, one that is only applicable to subjects; an act determined by reason we generally treat as an act of free will. The politically correct have BOTH feet planted firmly in mid-air. Genetic variation is patterned -- two individuals who trace their ancestry to the same geographical region e.
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Do you have a response? Op-Ed White kids, rap lyrics and the question of racism. Oh, I guess your Me Hi Can peepul don't come out on the high end of the curve. You might think it would be easy to tell by looking at my skin color or my clothing or my hair or my voice, but what if you weren't looking at me, only reading text on a page. Tell us exactly HOW the basis of the book is "flawed.
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