How to prepare for honeymoon sex

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Still, S-E-X is a little scary. This is why a lot of people decide to Visit nu-bay. As your friendly neighborhood big-sister-type person, I feel obliged to give you some honest, direct, and helpful advice to put your first sexual experience into perspective.

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Here are some ideas to get your sex life off to a great start. Maybe you should spend some time preparing. Here are a few ideas to get your sex life off to a great start.

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Jump to navigation. Admit it: When you think about your honeymoon, you're thinking about sex. Good sex, great sex, lots of sex.

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My husband, Doug, and I are privileged to be able to do marital and pre-marital counseling through our church. For her: Your body takes time to relax and open up. Let yourself warm up and relax. The more you relax, the better it will feel.

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Call Today! Are you ready to consummate your marriage? Here are some tips and ideas for preparing for the best sex on your honeymoon.

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There is likely no erotic experience more looked forward to than honeymoon sex. But while you embark on this post-wedding vacay with a serious emotional high, the honeymoon itself isn't necessarily a guaranteed Festival of Orgasms…and that's totally okay. To get the deets on what to expect, and how to make your honeymoon hot, we put some questions to a trio of seasoned sexperts.

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Or does it? You probably have tons of questions about your romantic getaway, too. Does the wedding night have to be all about mind-blowing sex?

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Verified by Psychology Today. Wedded and Bedded. Welcome to my first column for Psychology Today!

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Forget the pressure to perform, get a good rest and have great morning sex instead! Go with the flow and focus on what important; the rest is just dressing up for the main event. After your tiring wedding prep followed by hectic wedding celebrations, the last thing you need is a honeymoon getaway that is packed with more activities! The stress of keeping up with your travel plans and schedules after your wedding will have tired out.


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