Mature moss sporophyte

Sporophyte , in plants and certain algae , the nonsexual phase or an individual representing the phase in the alternation of generations —a phenomenon in which two distinct phases occur in the life history of the organism, each phase producing the other. Sphagnum is different from all other mosses in many ways. In ferns, the gametophytes lived on their own, were photosynthetic, and were small compared to the sporophyte. In mosses, the dominant stage is the haploid generation the gametophyte. However, mitotic division still follows meiosis in the sporophyte, resulting in a multicellular gametophyte, which produces eggs or sperm. After fertilization, the sporophyte grows up on top of the gametophyte.
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Fern Reproduction

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On account of the differentiation of the thallus and the sporangia in particular, a new classification has been proposed recently, in which the Bryophyta are a su-bgroup of the Mosses. There are no roots, strictly speaking, but there are rhizoids that serve for anchorage but not water and mineral absorption. Life cycle of an angiosperm, represented here by a pea plant genus Pisum. Of course there are always exceptions to these norms, but they are rare. Instead, the pollen is picked up, usually by a flying animal such as a bee, bird or bat the pollinator , and gets transferred from plant to plant as the pollinator looks for nectar , which is a sugary liquid flowers secrete. When he leaves, the bee leaves behind fertilized flowers but not fertilized female bees.
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Biology | Multiple Choice Quiz

Sepals are often, but not always, green. As in Sphagnum , the gametophytic coat over the sporophyte, the epigonium , is retained until just before dehiscence. There is a similarly broad range in the morphology and structure of the reproductive organs of the plant. When egg and sperm meet at the bottom, the ovule is fertilized and a seed and fruit form. The female gametophyte produces eggs.
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One might evolve such a system simply by having a flat embryo -- or sporophyte, as the case may be. These last three paragraphs will get you by the usual, garden-variety botany mid-term. After fertilization, one zygote of each female gametophyte develops into an embryonic sporophyte. This type of life cycle is called a haplodiplontic life cycle Figure Embryonic development is seen only in the diploid generation.
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